Rebecca Gayheart Sex Tape

In August of 2009, the internet was aflutter over news that clips from a Rebecca Gayheart sex tape had been leaked. Gayheart, a former regular on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and guest star on "Ugly Betty", appeared in the tape with her husband and "Grey's Anatomy" star Eric Dane. They're shown in bed and enjoying a bath with former Miss Teen United States contestant, Kerri Ann Peniche.

The three participants were good friends and the tape had been made several years prior to its discovery. After learning of the leak, Gayheart and Dane filed a lawsuit against the website that had posted the footage. They insisted it was copyright infringement, sought $1 million in damages, and hoped to prevent the footage from appearing on other sites. Gawker's publisher Nick Denton famously responded to the lawsuit by saying, "If you don't want a sex tape on the Internet, don't make one!" 

While it certainly wasn't the first celebrity sex tape leaked online, Rebecca Gayheart's may have been the tamest. In fact, even calling it a sex tape is slightly misleading since there's nothing more than some topless shots of the girls, a full-frontal shot of Dane, and a little bit of kissing. A bigger deal was made of Gayheart making reference to the fact that she was high on drugs at one point during the video. 

The tape was shot in Peniche's bedroom and she would later accuse country singer Mindy McCready, her roommate at the time, of stealing the footage from her hard drive after an argument about money. Gawker would contradict this accusation by reporting that Peniche had recently become a Hollywood madam and that the Los Angeles Police Department had found the footage while searching for a list of her clients. 

It is still unknown who leaked the footage but given the tape's relatively low-key contents, no one involved seemed to suffer anything but embarrassment from the whole ordeal. 

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