Recent Graduate With Accounting Degree: How To Job Transition

Every graduate with an accounting degree needs to know how to job transition. There are a few thing to keep in mind when doing the crucial job search, and it doesn't simply include sending out the ever-important resume and waiting idly for a response. Becoming a real grown-up requires some adult know-how. That job transition can and will work, if the graduate keeps in mind a few things:

  1. Start waking up earlier. Training the body to see the light of the dawn is key. Jobs usually tend to start early, so the graduate school schedule has to go out the window.
  2. Talk to accounting professors. Ask about job opportunities that they may know. It doesn't hurt to ask, and it certainly won't hurt to have a job.
  3. Get the job search rolling. The resume should to be posted everywhere—on online job resource websites and in local community bulletin boards. Hand out the resume to people whenever the chance comes along.
  4. Attend job fairs. The graduate student should attend job fairs. These are perfect for the student who needs to job transition, since they are usually only open to recent graduates.
  5. Learn job etiquette. It's time to get rid of bad manners, poor spelling and error-riddled cover letters. Make sure all business emails and cover letters show professionalism and understanding of language. Just because the student wants to work with money doesn't mean they can slack off in the writing department.
  6. Get ready for criticism. New bosses and trainers may cause the new employee to experience a  bit of culture shock. Be prepared to learn, listen, take notes and admit that you might not understand everything right away.
  7. Be patient. Many students don't attain a job right after graduation. Keep sending the resume and cover letters and the job will come.
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