Recover Deleted Files On Mac

You can easily recover deleted files on Mac. Don't panic if you accidentally delete a file on your computer. You can recover deleted files using recovery software. The key to recover the deleted file on your Mac is to act as soon as you realize you need to get the file back.

Things you'll need:

  • Professional recovery service
  1. Deleted files are not really deleted. Your deleted files are just no longer listed in the file directory. For the Mac, the file is simply moved to the Trash. To quickly recover the mistake, you can click on "Restore" from the Trash menu. If you empty the Trash before uncovering your error, you'll need recovery software to recover your deleted file. Even though the space occupied by the file becomes available for reuse, it is not utilized right away and may remain available for some time. The longer you leave the file unrecovered however, the slimmer the chances become to recover the deleted file even with the software.
  2. Professional recovery services use undelete software to recover deleted Mac files. Data Rescue 3 is a powerful recovery software that can restore your deleted files, if possible. This software has search algorithms to recognize over 100 popular file types for enhanced recovery. You can download a free trial of the software to try it out.
  3. You must never write to the disk that contains files you want to recover. The pros at say this is because anything that gets written to the drive could potentially be written to the space you want to recover the file from.
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