Red Dead Redemption Cheats Xbox 360

The “Red Dead Redemption” cheats Xbox 360 reflect the smarmy attitude of Rockstar game developers. You'll get that one when you start inputting the cheats. Mirroring the success of other Rockstar classics like the GTA series, “Red Dead Redemption” on the Xbox 360 is a wide open environment where players can either choose to follow the plot to advance the game or walk around and shoot anything that moves. These cheats are fun but they also kill the ability to earn trophies or save.

  1. Guns. Naturally the best “Red Dead Redemption” cheats for the Xbox 360 have to do with guns. These two gun cheats will garner you anything from buffalo rifles to Molotov cocktails. To get a bunch of guns enter 'IT'S MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT', to get the rest enter 'I'M AN AMERICAN. I NEED GUNS'. Oh and for endless ammo put in 'ABUNDANCE IS EVERYWHERE'.
  2. Fancy lad. For the fashion conscious, there are a few outfit “Red Dead Redemption” cheats. To become a gentlemen enter 'DON'T YOU LOOK FINE AND DANDY'. For the treasure hunter suit enter 'YOU THINK YOU TOUGH, MISTER?' To gain all of the government uniforms, enter 'I LOVE A MAN IN UNIFORM'.
  3. Become someone. The Xbox 360 “Red Dead Redemption” cheats allow you to quickly shuffle through the various persona's the game offers. For example, to become famous type 'I AM ONE OF THEM FAMOUS FELLAS'. For lower pursuits like being an alcoholic type in 'I'M DRUNK AS A SKUNK AND TWICE AS SMELLY'.
  4. Useful. There are indeed useful cheats for the Xbox 360 “Red Dead Redemption” game but you must remember after you enter a cheat you cannot save or earn accolades. But for instant “Red Dead Redemption” fun you can cheat away. To gain infinite Dead Eye, type 'I DON'T UNDERSTAND IMNFINITY'. To lose your bounty level type 'I WISH I WORKED FOR UNCLE SAM'. To open up the whole game enter 'YOU GOT YOURSELF A FINE PAIR OF EYES'. Naturally one of the best “Red Dead Redemption” cheats is god mode. To become invincible enter 'HE GIVES STRENGTH TO THE WEAK'.     
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