Red Dead Redemption Secret Achievements

The following "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievements are some of the most satisfying to get in the game. While "Red Dead Redemption" is one of the best titles to come out in recent times, it has its own fair share of trophies and achievements. While most of them are very easy to get and are, in fact, pretty much spelled out for you, the following "Red Dead Redemption" secret ahievements are much more satisfying to attain. Consult this list when you're feeling lost on how to get some of the best "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievements.

  1. The Government Boy. To get this "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement, complete the "Exodus In America mission.
  2. Land Of Opportunity. Simply complete the "The Assault On Fort Mercer" mission.
  3. Sons Of Mexico. Completing "The Gates Of El Presidio" mission will net you this secret achievement for "Red Dead Redemption."
  4. No More Fancy Words. Finishing the story mission "An Appointed Time" will make sure you unlock this achievement.
  5. A Savage Soul. Complete the mission titled "A Home With Dutch" to get this "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement.
  6. The Benefits Of Civilization. Finishing the story arch "And The Truth Will Set You Free" will give you this achievement.
  7. Into The Sunset. Completing the "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" mission gives you this "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement.
  8. Nature Or Nuture? Finishing the side-mission called "Remember My Family" unlocks this achievement.
  9. Dastardly. A la Snidley Whiplash, hogtie a woman, place her on the train tracks, and watch her get run over by a locomotive to get this "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement.
  10. Manifest Destiny. To get this "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement, kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains area of the game.
  11. Spurred To Victory. Complete twenty story missions in the single-player campaign without switching to a new horse at a hitching post to get this achievement.
  12. Heading South On A White Bronco. To get this achievement, you must use a Hungarian Half-Breed horse to evade the US Marshals. 

The following "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievements require the "Undead Nightmare" expansion pack.

  1. The Downward Spiral. Complete the "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA" to get this achievement.
  2. Judge A Man By The… To get this achievement, complete "A Cure For Most Of What Ails You" and "Get Back In That Hole, Partner."
  3. The Superior Dance. Simply finish "Mother Superior Blues" to get this achievement.
  4. All's Right In The World. Completing the "On A Pale Horse" will get you this secret achievement.
  5. Six Years In The Making. By finding and killing a Sasquatch, you'll get this achievement.
  6. Chupathingy. If you are lucky enough to find and kill a Chupacabra, you'll unlock this "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement.
  7. Fan Service. Finding and breaking a Unicorn will get you this final "Red Dead Redemption" secret achievement.
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