Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack Song List

The "Red Dead Redemption" soundtrack song list was written by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson. A few other artists added their talents to the album. Red Dead Redemption was more than just a sequel to Red Dead Revolver. It offered players a non-linear storyline and give them clearly good or bad options in addition to 'gray' ones. While video game soundtracks are often not bought the same way movie sound tracks are, they have gained a following.

  1. "Born Unto Trouble." Is there any video game hero for whom this is not true?
  2. "The Shootist." Obviously we cannot have a Western, even one that takes place in the 20th Century like Red Dead Redemption not make at least one reference to gun fighting.
  3. "Luz Y Sobra."  If you know what Luz and Sobra mean, please let us know.
  4. "Dead End Alley." For those times when the hero is just backed up into a corner or backing up someone into a corner, this song works perfectly.
  5. "Horseplay." Despite the recent invention of cars a lot of hores play and horse thievery goes on in Red Dead Redemption.
  6. "El Club De Los Cuerpos." Saloons are vital to any western movie or video game.
  7. "Estancia." It could be about a love interest, a saloon girl, or both. Either way, it's a song on the "Red Dead Redemption" soundtrack about a woman.
  8. (Theme from) "Red Dead Redemption." Really, it's just the theme.
  9. "Triggernometry." Triggernometry is an important subject throughout all of Rockstar's video games, include "Grand Theft Auto" and "Red Dead Revolver"
  10. "Gunplay." It's important in "Red Dead Redemption" as it is in any other Western.
  11. "Redemption In Dub." Many people of this era preferred to find it in a church, but if you find it in Dub, you do not question it.
  12. "Muertos Rojos." If you have your own clever comment, please insert it here.
  13. "The Outlaw's Return" This track is not about Robin Hood.
  14. "Exodus in  America." If this "Red Dead Redemption" were set over a century later, this song could be "Exodus to America"
  15. "Already Dead." In this case, someone's about to tbe, but it's stil a little premature.
  16. "Far Away" by Jose Gonzalez. Do not confus this with "Saily Away"
  17. "Compass." by Jamie Lidall. Compasses always point our way.
  18. "Deadman's Gun" by Ashtar Command. You'll probably take a lot of these throughout "Red Dead Redemption" gameplay. If you do not take the gun, then you might take the ammo.
  19. "Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie" by William Elliot Whitmoore. This traditional Western serves as a nice ending point for the "Red Dead Redemption" soundtrack.

Listening to the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack does not compare to actually playing the game. Although it shares some of the questionable controls of its predecessor

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