Red Dead Revolver And How To Unlock Invincibility

Any gamer that has played the game "Red Dead Revolver" is asking the same question about "Red Dead Revolver" and how to unlock invincibility. This is actually quite a tricky cheat to unlock. Unlike most games, cheats in "Red Dead Revolver" are not very easy to unlock. For many games, all that the player has to do is type in a code of some kind to gain the desired effect. But, in "Red Dead Revolver," the developers decided to make players work for these cheat effects.

In order to unlock many things, you must complete the “bounty-hunter” objectives for certain stages. And, in order to unlock the most desirable effect on the game, invincibility, you must play the most difficult stage and complete the bounty hunter mode. This can be done by following these steps.

The official objective given to you at the start of the stage is that you must finish the level in one minute to unlock invincibility.

  1. The first thing to do is defeat all of the bandits that are located on the upper part of the roof. This is not as easy as it might sound. You will have to defeat them all with at least thirty seconds left to spare, otherwise you may as well give up and restart.
  2. Next, you will have to knock out the Governor’s very quickly. You will need to use the scorpion gun on him to do this. Make sure you are using your Dead Eye to maximize damage. Four to six shots will usually drop his health to where it needs to be. Once he gets up and tries to run, shoot him several more times to trigger the duel.
  3. For this part, you will need to be fast and accurate. There is no trick here; you simply must shoot him better and faster than he shoots you. If you have at least twenty seconds left at this part of the mission, you will be fine.

This is the only way to unlock the invincibility cheat. It is difficult for a reason. The developers did not simply want people to be able to achieve invincibility without being skilled at the game. 



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