Red Fish Bait

Red fish, or redfish, is a saltwater fish prized by many anglers for its taste. Though red fish can be caught using various lures, baits are often the best way to catch red fish. The following list represents some of the best red fish baits for fishermen and fisherwomen to use. While most of these baits can be used either alive or as cut bait (pieces), cut bait will be easier for the bottom feeding red fish to find.

  1. Mullet is a popular bait for red fish. Mullet not only makes a good meal for humans, but it makes a good red fish bait as well. Mullet can be caught in large numbers in many areas close to the red fish. Bait can be collected from a mullet after the fillets are removed for human consumption.
  2. Shrimp is a convenient red fish bait. Whether the shrimp used for bait is purchased at a grocery store or bait shop, the red fish will likely devour it quickly.
  3. Crab can be a productive red fish bait. Many bait shops near the ocean will sell crabs for bait. Crab from a grocery store will also work, though this can be expensive.
  4. Pinfish is an easily obtained red fish bait. Pinfish typically live in the same waters as red fish, making it an easy bait to obtain. Although fun to catch yourself, many bait shops also sell pinfish.
  5. Mantis Shrimp is a popular bait for red fish. Mantis shrimp, also referred to as shrimp mammy, makes a productive red fish bait. Many bait shops will sell mantis shrimp in coastal areas.
  6. Threadfin herring makes a great red fish bait. Threadfin herring are known by a number of names including greenbacks. Small ones can be used whole, but typically they will be used as cut bait.
  7. Berkley Gulp is a clean bait for red fish. Berkley produces a number of Gulp products that will work as a red fish bait including the shrimp bait. Gulp’s biggest advantage is that it is easy to store and use.
  8. Leftovers will also catch red fish. Vacationers and others in coastal areas often end up with seafood leftovers in the fridge. If an angler is pressed for time, or simply wants to prevent the leftovers from going to waste, red fish are not picky and will feed on seafood leftovers as well.
  9. Combination baits may be useful when the red fish are not biting well. Using different types of bait on the same rig can help anglers to coax strikes out of finicky fish. Though red fish typically feed aggressively, there are times that they will feed slowly.
  10. At times, virtually anything will work as red fish bait. When schools of red fish are feeding aggressively, anglers should choose whatever bait will stay on the hook the best.
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