Reggie Jackson’s 1970s Basket Web Glove

Reggie Jackson’s 1970s basket web glove, which he wore through the 1970s, was unique in many ways. For one thing, Reggie was a left-handed thrower; therefore, he had to wear the glove on his right hand. The other thing different about the glove was its design.

In 1970, Reggie was playing for the Oakland Athletics as an outfielder. It was during that time that he began to wear a glove that bore the Rawlings brand. Unlike traditional baseball gloves, however, Reggie’s glove had what was known as a basket web design.

The basket is that part of the glove between the thumb and first finger. The basket can be used to scoop a baseball off the ground, as well as hold the ball firmly if it is caught in the air. Up until 1970, most baseball gloves either had a web design that did not allow one to see the ball once it was inside the glove, or an open-weave design, which could be seen through.

Web designs were as different as the players. Some of them were the traditional basket-weave design, where the lacings went over and under in alternating fashion. Others may have had a design similar to that of a spider-web.

Whether open or closed design, how far the webbing extended could differ, too. Some baseball glove baskets did not go any further than the middle joint of the thumb and first finger, while others extended all the way into the palm area.

Reggie Jackson’s 1970s basket web glove was unique in both the design and to where the webbing extended. The basket web design was an open one, and consisted of one strip of leather running vertically from the top of the glove to where the webbing met the palm area. Below the top stitching were three strips of leather running horizontally. The first strip ran just below the top stitching. In fact, it was attached to the top stitching, and was narrower than the other two strips.

The second and third strips were wider than the first one. Both of these were spaced an equal distance apart. This spacing allowed for six “holes” to be seen in the basket web design.

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