Reiters Syndrome

Reiters Syndrome is also known as reactive arthritis. The syndrome causes pain in the joints and the lower back. Some people with Reiters syndrome also have eye problems. The syndrome is associated with the spine. The syndrome was named after Hans Reiter, a doctor from Germany who first identified the disease.

  1. Symptoms. Symptoms for Reiters Syndrome include pain in the heels, hips, and ankles. Eye problems include redness and burning. Some people have ulcers in the mouth and the tongue. Lesions on the skin that resemble psoriasis are also common, according to Medline Plus. Genital lesions are also a symptom of the disease in men. Some men experience urinary problems including discharge and urgency.
  2. Treatment. Reiters syndrome is treated with antibiotics to fight infections. Medication to reduce inflammation may also be prescribed. Furthermore, a doctor may prescribe physical therapy to help you move despite joint pain and pain in your lower back.
  3. Diagnosis. Reiters syndrome is diagnosed with blood tests and x-rays. A doctor will most likely check for antigens which indicate evidence of Reiters syndrome. Particularly, the doctor will check for HLA-B27 antigens with a blood test.
  4. Prevention. Because the disease usually occurs after a man has Chlamydia and other infections, using protection during sexual intercourse may prevent occurrences.
  5. Demographics. Doctors do not know why some people get Reiters Syndrome. The condition is more prevalent  in men who younger than 40 years old. Doctors also know that children are less likely to contract Reiters Syndrome, but teens may contract the syndrome.
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