Relieve Groin Pain In Men

Learn how to easily relieve groin pain in men using at home treatment. Groin pain in men can be cause by a variety of reasons and can be relieved with at home treatment. Remember that at home treatment is for temporary relief only. If your groin pains persist or worsens, then see you need to see your physician.

Things you might need to relieve groin pain:

  • compression belt
  • drinking water
  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • oral antibiotics
  1. Determine the cause of the groin pain. A common cause of groin pain in men is a hernia, which is when the support tissue weakens and allows loops of the bowel to slip from the abdomen into the groin. Usually there will be a bulge when standing upright, coughing or bearing down. Other causes of groin pain in men are enlarged lymph glands, testicular torion, kidney stone, Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle), Epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis), testicular tumor and superficial skin infection.
  2. For groin pain caused by a hernia. Keep pressure on the area to help relieve the pain. Wearing a compression belt can also help relieve the groin pain associated with hernias. You physician may recommend surgery in some cases.
  3. For groin pain caused by enlarged lymph glands. Groin pain cause by enlarged lymph glands is difficult to relieve at home because it will depend on the cause of the problem. You should consult with your physician about pain relief methods.
  4. For groin pain caused by a kidney stone. Drinking lots of water can help you pass a kidney stone. Also light heat can also help with groin pain caused by a kidney stone. If you can't pass your stone on your own, you might need medical or surgical management.
  5. For groin pain caused by orchitis and epididymitis. Anti-inflammatory medication can relieve groin pain caused by orchitis and epididymitis. If the pain persist, you might need oral antibiotics.



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