Remote Seduction

Want to know a little more about remote seduction? So, you think you've found the woman of your dreams, and she's living 5 states away? Fear not, dear reader. Remote seduction can be a lot of fun, and I will teach you all about it.

  1. The art of remote seduction simply means that you will need to verbalize what you would normally do. So if you'd hold her close, or kiss her, you would text or IM her: "holding you close" or "my lips gently brush yours". If she's crossing your mind all day, don't text her every time. Just wait until you know her schedule will allow her to focus on you, and tell her then "I can't keep my mind off of you".
  2. Make sure you continue to get to know her. Ask how her day went, and respond to her answer. Don't act as though her answer means it's time for you to share how your day went. 
  3. Don't sexualize. It makes us uncomfortable. When you don't even know a woman's middle name, you shouldn't be talking about playing tonsil hockey with her or just how many bases you can round before she even knows you're there.
  4. Be disarming. Open, honest, and funny are huge turn-ons for the majority of women.  Being a good banter buddy gives huge bonus points.
  5. Don't push for contact info. She will let you know when she's ready to speak to you by video chat or phone. The internet really can be an incredibly dangerous place and she deserves kudos for protecting her privacy.

That's about it. I'd just like to add that not much of anybody is who they seem on the internet so please proceed with all caution. Good luck!



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