Reporting Immigration Fraud

Reporting immigration fraud is a very doable task if you know the appropriate actions to take. Immigration fraud is not taken lightly and should only be reported once you have gathered actual facts of the immigration fraud taking place. Reporting immigration fraud should not be done hastily or without full merit.

To report immigration law you will need:

  1. First, you will need to determine if the person you are reporting is indeed an illegal alien. Determining this may be hard because most people will not be willing to furnish their Alien Registration Card (better known as a “Green Card”). If you can obtain the alien ID number, this will further help you when contacting the Immigration Enforcement hotline about the potential immigration fraud.
  2. Go to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website and click the contact tab.
  3. Under Quick links you will need to click on Field Offices. From there, click on the Investigations link. Once on the Investigations links, you will want to scroll down to your state's immigration office.
  4. Call the number under your state and ask for a duty agent.
  5. When contact is made with the duty agent, you can report the type of fraud that is being committed.
  6. You can also reporting immigration fraud by contacting 1-866-347-2434. This number has been set up for citizens to report fraud. The steps above are for reporting more in-depth fraud.

When reporting fraud, it’s important to remember that you will need to provide the Immigration Office with your name and telephone number. Remember to only report facts and that filing a false report can land the reporter in trouble as it is against the law to file a false report. 



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