Reporting Tax Fraud To IRS

If you know someone who is committing tax fraud, then it is necessary for you to know the process of reporting tax fraud to IRS. Although some people might think that you should just mind your own business, you are actually doing the right thing as a good citizen. According to the IRS, you can either disclose your identity or keep it confidential. Note that releasing your identity is helpful to the IRS. Do the right thing just by following these 3 simple steps on reporting tax fraud to IRS.

To report tax fraud to IRS, you will need:

  • IRS Form 3949-A
  • Your letter
  • A stamped envelope
  • IRS mailing address
  1. Visit The first step on reporting tax fraud to IRS is to visit Click on 'Forms and Publications'. Then click on 'Forms and Instructions (PDF)'. In the 'Find' box, type in '3949-A.' Click the 'Find' button. Click on the '3949-A' link on the result page.
  2. Complete Form '3949-A.' The second step on reporting tax fraud to IRS is to complete 'Form 3949-A.' You can fill the form on the computer, and then print it out. Or, you can print out the form and fill it out by hand. When you are finished, put it in a stamped envelope and send it to the IRS mailing address.
  3. Put the tax fraud in writing. The last step on reporting tax fraud to IRS is to write a letter to the IRS. Forget the first 2 steps! Instead, just go to to look up its mailing address. After you are done with your letter, put it in a stamped enveloped and send it to the IRS mailing address.

These 3 simple steps will guide you on reporting tax fraud to IRS. Regardless of what other people have to say about the reporting situation, you want to do the right thing no matter what. This is what a good citizen would do.  



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