Reset Ipod Classic

As an owner of an iPod, it is important to know how to reset iPod Classic. While very nifty electronic devices, the Apple iPod is definitely not perfect, and it has a tendency to freeze, which requires you to reset it. This often occurs when you have the device connected to your computer for synchronizing with iTunes.

  1. Disconnect your iPod. If your iPod Classic is connected to your computer via USB cable, disconnect it immediately. You may not be able to reset your iPod Classic if it is still connected to your computer and iTunes.
  2. Move the "Hold" switch. Slide the "Hold" switch to the lock position. Then, slide it in the opposite direction to unlock your iPod Classic. This is the first necessary step toward the process of resetting your iPod.
  3. Click the two necessary buttons. Press and hold the "Menu" and "Select" buttons. Do this simultaneously, making sure the display screen goes black. It's important to do this when you reset your iPod Classic.
  4. Watch the display. Keep a watchful eye on the display screen. After about six to ten seconds, you should see the Apple logo appear. If this is not successful, you will have to repeat the previous steps as well as this one until the logo finally appears. If you see it, this means that you are successfully resetting your iPod Classic.
  5. Additional steps to follow. If you are still having problems resetting your iPod Classic, you will have to set it down on a flat surface. Press the "Select" button without touching any part of the click wheel. Press the "Menu" button as well, and make sure you are pressing it on the outside of the click wheel, away from the center.
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