Resident Evil 4 Wii Cheats

"Resident Evil 4" Wii cheats help Leon Kennedy get passed the plagued, deranged Spanish villagers in order to save the President's daughter, Ashley Graham. The Wii's "Resident Evil 4" push gamers to the limit as the mounting odds from a new terror, Las Plagas, and cheats can sway the advantage back to Leon. Cheats unlock special secrets in the Wii for "Resident Evil 4" so the mystery behind the strange cult and its followers. Leon Kennedy has very little backup that put his special training to the test in "Resident Evil 4" for the Wii console and cheats allow gamers a fighting chance. The Wii's version of "Resident Evil 4" brings back all the classic survival horror action in this version and cheats are a way to make an easier path to Ashley Graham's rescue and the destruction of a new foe. 

  1. Infinite Rocket Launcher. Go through the entire game and beat it then start a new game from the saved file. Before beginning a second play through, the merchant will have a new item in his inventory of death. The Infinite Rocket Launcher will now be available for purchase for a mere $1,000,000 to blast away every enemy or boss who dares stand in Leon's way.
  2. Unlock the Chicago Typewriter. Play through Ada's missions in Separate Ways and finish the entire mini game. Once again, the merchant will have another new toy for Leon to buy, which will be the Chicago Typewriter. Buy the classic mauler for $1,000,000 and gun down the infected villagers and cultists to save Ashley Graham with unlimited bullets.
  3. Find the Broken Butterfly for Free. Find a locked door outside the castle before the garden maze filled with infected hounds. Reunite with Ashley Graham and back track to the locked door area. Allow Ashley to climb Leon's shoulders in order to reach the window and land inside the secret room. Enter once she snaps the lock to find chests filled with treasure and the Broken Butterfly magnum. Use this powerful tool to take down tougher enemies in order to escape the clutches of Saddler's cult.
  4. Get New Clothes. Beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty then save the game file afterwards. Load the game file to play through the game again and the option to wear Leon's S.T.A.R.S. uniform from "Resident Evil 2." Beat the same game file in the second play through in either Normal or Professional difficulty to unlock Special Costume 2. Load the same game file to start another new game with the option to wear a nice suit and hat to make Leon one smooth customer as he deals out justice to the Ganados. 
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