Retro Style Fashion Tips

 Whether you want to wear something hippy inspired or something like the “zoot suit” from the  '40s, here are some helpful retro style fashion tips. Retro fashion is commonly known as vintage inspired wear focusing on the '40s through '80s. This time frame encompasses a wide range of fashion styles, all of which can be though of as retro.

  1. Leather – This right here is the greatest tip of all. Leather screams retro fashion. Whether it’s a leather T-Bird inspired jacket or some leather pants, or maybe even a leather vest, leather has retro written all over it.
  2. Patterns – Different patterns are a huge retro staple. Try paring tweed pants with a floral shirt or if that is too much, go bold with paisley patterns and lots of embroidery.
  3. Colors – Lots and lots of psychedelic colors, dude. You can’t go wrong with bright, bold colors that draw everyone’s attention and brand you as a retro king for life.
  4. Suits - There are lots of suits to choose from that will give you a nice fashion style. You can wear the big shouldered, baggy legged, tapered ankle “zoot suit” of the 40’s or the Don Johnson white suit with a pastel shirt from the 80’s.
  5. Hair – Hair is a big retro fashion tip. There are many ways to add a retro fashion statement with your hair. First you have to ask yourself which decade you are aiming for. If it’s '70s go for the shoulder-length do with long bangs, for 60’s try the long hair with no bangs that looks like it hasn’t been cut in years, for '50s try the greaser look and channel "The Fonz".
  6. Ties – Skinny ties have been favored during more than one decade and are in once more. Skinny black ties are often favored by punk bands, however going bold with some bright colors will add a more retro touch to your look.
  7. The Bowling Shirt - Try for the duo-toned bowling shirts with the big collars and team names still embroidered on the front, and the large, unique designs on the back. Though these shirts have always been worn, they are now considered cool once again.
  8. Shoes – Try some old saddle shoes or spectators in some alligator skin or even some platform disco shoes if you are feeling really, really bold.
  9. Shirts - There are three distinct retro shirts you can wear besides the bowling shirt mentioned above. The Hawaiian shirt with it’s bright colors and flowers, the work shirt; like the kind greasers would wear at the car shop, and the logo shirts. Vintage shirts with those old logos from brands that don’t exist anymore or even the old Coca-Cola shirts are a great retro fashion piece.
  10. Jackets – If you want to stray from the leather jacket for awhile, try some of these retro jackets: swinging Scot jacket, shooting jacket, wool coats, pea coats, or trench coats.
Do your research, it always pays off. If you want to channel Don Johnson in Miami Vice, then Google the show, or study up on some movie icons of the '40s. No matter which era you choose, if you stick with the 40’s through 80’s you are determined to come out looking like a retro god.



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