Rick Ross Tattoos

Counting Rick Ross tattoos is impossible. Especially seeing as how Rick Ross has lost count himself. Rick Ross' whole upper body is tattooed with what looks like to be random, disconnected pictures. But, a closer look will reveal, that just like many other people that have went under the ink gun, Rick Ross' tattoos tell a story. They tell a very specific story. Rick Ross' tattoos mean a lot to him. Whether or not you buy it or believe what he has to say, here are what Rick Ross' tattoos mean to him.

  1. Tradition. Rick Ross uses the same ink artist every time he gets a tattoo. His first tattoo was actually done on a pair of boots he bought. He got an airbrushed sign stating "Rich of Cocaine" on his pair of boots.
  2. Growth. Rick Ross' original tattoos, he admits, are quite flawed. He didn't care earlier on. He allowed his tattoo artist to practice on him. He didn't care about mistakes. He just told the ink artist to "keep goin.'"
  3. His chest. He's got a massive tattoo of his money on his chest. More specifically a five dollar bill with Abraham Lincoln's face and a one dollar bill of George Washington's face. He's got the emblem for a Maybach on his chest and various pieces of art that represent his riches. He says he believes in speaking things into existence, so Rick Ross has a tattoo of the word "billionaire" on his chest because he believes he'll be one one day.
  4. His stomach. He's got a mural of lady justice and the Mack painted on his stomach, with a picture of Richard Pryor. He says it means that he's pimping the system. It's another allusion to getting paid. He's all about the money.
  5. His arms. Now his arms are slightly different. Sure, he has tattoos of Cadillacs and Bentleys on his upper left arm, and he even has bottles of Champagne tattooed on the mid section of his left arm. But, his arms tell a story of his life in the streets. He's got pictures of guns and phrases like "Teflon Don" scattered on both arms. These tattoos represent his lifeline. They represent what he did throughout his life to get him to where he is. Now, whether or not you believe what he has to say, you can't deny that this guy's tattoed up! He doesn't even remember all of the ink he has on himself.
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