Ride A Wheelie On A Dirt Bike

Many dirt bike riders find themselves wanting to know how to ride a wheelie on a dirt bike. Learning to ride a wheelie isn’t the hardest thing that you’ll have to learn to do on your bike, but it’s not the easiest either. Riding a wheelie takes time to learn, but after putting in practice and determination, it will become easier and easier.

To ride a wheelie, you will need:

  • A dirt bike
  • Open area
  1. You will want to start off in an open area. Starting off your practice on concrete or pavement isn’t recommended due to the likelihood that you will fall the first few times. It’s best to start your practice off on grass, and after you get used to doing the wheelie, moving onto pavement or concrete.
  2. Start off in a stopped position and give the bike a lot of gas. The bike might jerk forwards, and this is normal. It also helps set up the wheelie so that you can easily do it.
  3. Lean back and pull on the handlebars. After you’ve given the bike a good amount of throttle, it’s time to start getting the bike to do the trick. You can easily do this by leaning back and pull the handlebars up toward you. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get the bike to wheelie the first time; the trick takes practice and a lot of it.
  4. Find the balance of the bike so that you can continue the wheelie. Many riders say the hardest part about doing this trick is maintaining the wheelie. It requires concentration and balance of the weight to keep that front wheel up. 
  5. Moderate the gas to maintain the trick. This is the only way you will continue it. If you give the bike too much gas, it will flip over. Additionally, if you don’t give the bike enough gas, your front wheel will lay back down. It takes time to learn how much to push the bike.
  6. Loosen up the throttle to lower the bike back down. When you’re ready to land the bike, just go easy on the throttle, and the front wheel will lower back down. Once you’ve done this, you will have successfully completed a wheelie!



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