Rihanna Hairstyles

Learn what kind of hairstyles Rihanna has. Rihanna is the twenty-something with the powerful hip-hop singing voice. She has a look and style that lots of girls and women like to try. Her hair is part of that style. Rihanna has been seen wearing all kinds of different looks depending on what event she is going to. Not just the look, but she changes her color a lot too. There is nothing boring about her. If anything, it's more like what is she going to look like next?

  1. Short and sassy. This short hair style Rihanna has worn is cut with texture around the top and sides of her head. It is very short, but it looks sharp on her and brings attention to her face. Her bangs and sides are longish. She has had similar hairstyles like this, but they are not sassy as much as just similar in shape.
  2. Super short bob. Rihanna has had her own version of the bob. Her hair was just chin length. The hairstyle was even length in the back and her bangs were short. Her bangs had a soft look to them though.
  3. Long for Rihanna. She had her hair about shoulder length and reddish colored. Her hair was mostly one length with no bangs. Slight waves were all throughout her hair.
  4. Little ringlets. Rihanna had soft shoulder length curls all around her head. Her hair may be naturally curly, and the curls might have been made with a curling iron. Celebrities straighten their hair and then put curls in the way they want them done on purpose using a heat protectant first. Her hair is dark brownish black with this hairstyle. The curls are a little shorter on one side of the hair than the other on purpose.



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