Ringing In The Ears Causes

These ringing in the ears causes can help you understand the issues surrounding the ringing. Also known as tinnitus, ringing in the ears can be truly disturbing and last a long time. To help treat the issue, it can help to know the causes behind it.

  1. Nerve damage: The majoring of tennitus is caused by miniscule damage to hearing nerve endings in the inner ear. This can be caused by exposure to loud noise, causing it to become a serious ringing in the ear cause. Therefore, listening to loud music or concerts should be done so concervatively.
  2. Allergies: A problematic ringing in the ear cause can be allergies. For instance, dust or pet allergies can trigger tinnitus in some people. Therefore, allergies should be treated with appropriate herbs or medications avoid uncomfortable ringing.
  3. Hearing loss: Another major ringing in the ear cause is hearing loss. As a result of this cause, treating hearing loss with hearing aids can sometimes help relieve tennitus as well. Therefore, resolving hearing loss can in some cases ameliorate tennitus.
  4. Drugs: Certain drugs have a side effect as a ringing in the ear cause. Therefore, if you notice new issues with tennitus, it is important to consider whether a new medication may be linked to the ringing. In these cases consulting with your doctor to reduce the dosage or stop the medication may help reduce any tennitus issues.
  5. Stress: Stress is a known ringing in the ear cause. Dealing with signifcant stress and tension can worsen tennitus. Therefore, it may be helpful to drink relaxing teas and do destressing exercises.
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