Risks Of Sex With No Condom

The top risks of sex with no condom will be apparent in or on your body in due time, after the completion of your reckless act of sexual indulgence. Ironically, while you are having unprotected sex with no condom, you are likely not using any foresight as you thrust back and forth and in and out, too, but the consequences of your sex act of no discretion will be plenty on your mind if things go badly.

  1. You Get Yourself Infected. The worst risk of having sex without a condom is that you are hazardously exposing yourself to catching any number of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs for short. Don't think that you can only catch AIDS or HIV, which is probably the most commonly known STD. If you have unprotected sex, you can also risk contracting syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, viral warts, herpes and pubic lice. A worry that health experts also have is that as time goes on, there are likely more, currently unknown, STDs that will rear their ugly, bodily fluid-swapping heads.
  2. You Get a Girl or a Woman Pregnant. Another top risk of treating yourself to sex with no condom is that you could end up very easily getting the girl or woman with whom you are doing the horizontal mambo pregnant! Having a girl or woman become "preggers" without the proper family planning is hazardous to society because it creates another human life that is going to need a lot of support in the form of parenting and money. Sure, you could always get an abortion if you don't believe that a fetus is human life at that stage, but if you let it live, it's going to be one massive responsibility that will hamper your career, among other things.
  3. You Make a Girl or Woman Infertile. Believe it or not, if you are unlucky enough to have an STD yourself, due to your own recklessness, you could get the naive, unsuspecting and all-too-willing girl or woman whom you are…ahem…"doing" into a lot of trouble, health-wise. You could get her to become infertile if you bury your proverbial bone in her when you have an STD. See, you can give her a pelvic infection, which results in her becoming infertile.
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