Risks Of Sexting Images

Have you thought about the risks of sexting images? Until recently, you probably haven’t given sexting much thought. If you and your girlfriend are into it, what’s the harm, right? With increasing media attention and a large number of new lawsuits, you need to know the real risks of sexting images.

  1. Accidentally sexted. After a long night of drinking have you texted the wrong person the wrong image? Imagine you accidentally forward your whole contact list naked images of yourself and your girlfriend. What if your boss is one of the contacts that receives the message? Best scenario: your boss deletes the message and forgets it ever happened. Worst case scenario: you get fired and she presses sexual harassment charges against you.  
  2. Kids get a hold of your phone. You give your phone to your bestfriend’s toddler to keep him occupied and all of a sudden he’s asking, “What’s that?”. You probably don’t want to have to explain why there are naked photos of your ex-girlfriend in your phone to your friend, let alone his kid. You didn’t sext them to little Joey, but he found them.  
  3. Sexts are traceable. Just like you can call the phone company to track down a prank caller, you can call your wireless provider to track down an obscene sexter. Maybe you thought you were sending imagines to your bestfriend and you were accidentally sending them to a thirteen year old with a very similar phone number. You might try to explain it’s an honest mistake, but the kid’s irate parents already tracked down your number and started filing charges against you.  
  4. Broke up with the ex. When you’re dating someone it’s probably not a huge deal for them to have a racy photo of you. They see you naked anyway, right? Wrong. What if your ex sent those racy photos to everyone in her contact list, including your mother? Pretty embarrassing, right? With all of our new technology, a photo that your ex would have shown to three friends back in the day has now been sent to 300 in ten seconds.

Sexting is not always a bad thing, but you should know the risks of sexting images. When sexting, always make sure the recipient you sext is over eighteen. Confirm you’re sexting someone you know before sending any images and make sure that you delete your photos regularly to avoid other people from accidentally seeing them.

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