Risks Of Unprotected Sex During Her Period

If you're thinking about having sex during menstruation, know the risks of unprotected sex during her period. Having sexual relations with your girlfriend is a big step in a relationship, and couples may find themselves wanting to be intimate during menstrual cycles. Having sex during your girlfriends period is frowned on in some religions, but if neither partner has any STD's, it is and entirely healthy and normal thing to do. 

  1. Oral Sex. For some men, engaging in oral sex during a woman's menstrual cycle seems appalling, but there are couples that engage in this act, and enjoy the experience. Menstrual blood can contain STD's, viruses, and bacteria, but if the woman is healthy and has been tested negative for the conditions listed, having oral sex during her period is fine. Keep in mind that you can use a dental dam to prevent blood from entering your mouth. If you are not in an area that sells dental dams, or you do not have one on hand when the situation arises, you can cut a condom in half, and use it for the same effect. 
  2. Helping her with Cramps. Having sex during your girlfriend's period will actually relieve her of mild menstrual cramps if she has an orgasm. Having an orgasm results in the uterus contracting, allowing your girlfriend's uterus to release excess chemicals that cause cramps. 
  3. Pregnancy. It is not likely that a woman will get pregnant during pregnancy, but it is still possible. When a woman is on her period, the blood is carrying an unfertilized egg from her body, meaning that there are no eggs ready to be be fertilized in the Fallopian tubes. Some women may "spot" while they are ovulating. Spotting is light bleeding that may occur at any time. If a couple mistakes spotting during ovulation for the woman's period and have unprotected sex, it greatly increases the woman's chances of becoming pregnant. 
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