Risks Of Unprotected Sex

The risks of unprotected sex often far outweigh the rewards. Though the temptation to skip the condom or other form of protection can be great, especially in the heat of the moment, the risk of getting an incurable disease or pregnancy should always come to mind when choosing to have unprotected sex. The risks of unprotected sex range from the mildly embarrassing to the completely life changing.

You can contract a wide range of diseases when you have unprotected sex. While some diseases are curable, others are not. Some sexually transmitted diseases do not have any symptoms, especially in men, so you may have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and not know it, putting any partners at risk when you have unprotected sex with them. Examples of treatable STDs from unprotected sex include gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis.

Other risks of unprotected sex include invasions of scabies or crabs. Scabies are small mites that burrow into the skin, laying eggs. Crabs are a type of  head lice found in the pubic area. Both are spread through sexual contact. Fortunately, both can be treated, often with an over the counter ointment. Any clothing and bedding should be washed to kill the mites or lice.

Major risks of unprotected sex include pregnancy and incurable STDs, such as herpes or HIV. Although both HIV and herpes can be controlled well with certain medications, contracting either means being on medication for the rest of your life and being responsible for telling any future partners about your condition before they agree to sleep with you.

Even if a woman decides not to keep her baby, getting pregnant can be a life changing experience. Choosing to get an abortion or put a child up for adoption can be emotionally trying. Keeping the baby and becoming a parent has both rewards and trials.  It can be financially challenging as well as emotionally difficult.

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