River Rafting Trips: Essential Checklist

Need an essential checklist for river rafting trips before you plan your next river rafting adventure? Many families will take river rafting trips during the summer months and will need to know the items on this essential checklist. Do you know the essentials before you take the trip? If not, read on for some tips for river rafting.

  1. Carry a map of the river you will be rafting. Look over the map and learn the ins and outs of the river. This will help you know what areas may have obstacles you will need to avoid. Look for rocks and/or trees that may be in the water.
  2. Carry life vests that are approved for river rafting. Each person needs a vest that fits his or her height and weight. Check your local sporting goods store for information on proper vests. Vests need to fit properly in order to work right should something go wrong.
  3. Have first aid kits available in case of an emergency. With river rafting trips, any thing can go wrong at any given second. Being prepared is your best defense. Make sure your first aid kit has everything needed for emergencies.
  4. Carry plenty of sun block. You will be in the sun most of the day while rafting. Protect your skin from the sun. Use sun block with at least SPF 30.
  5. Wear bathing suits while river rafting. Your vest will fit better. If you get really wet, you will dry more easily. An added bonus is you will not get to hot and get a tan!
  6. Carry towels to dry off. Once out of the water you will be glad you have towels. Beach towels are great. Make sure they wrap all the way around you in case you get cold when exiting the water.
  7. Extra change of clothes. Who wants to drive home wet? Surely, not you.
  8. Carry energy bars. You will get hungry while river rafting. Taking energy bars or snacks is a great way to cure hunger while rafting.
  9. Waterproof cameras are a must. If you plan to take pictures of your adventure, make sure the camera is waterproof. Pictures are a great way to remember your trip.
  10. Take plenty of water. If you are in the sun for long hours and become thirsty, bottled water will come in handy. Gatorade is another great source for your thirst.


  • As with any river rafting trip, take a cell phone in case there are any accidents you cannot handle alone.
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