Road Trip Beer Pong

If you are interested on taking a risk on a road trip, then you should know how to play road trip beer pong. Keep in mind that having open alcohol in the car is illegal and drinking while driving is highly illegal because of the effects alcohol will have on you as a driver.

What you will need:

  • At least a six pack of beer
  • As many ping pong balls as you can find
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Bail Money (possibly)
  • Cup holders in your car in the back seats (not necessary, but makes it easier)
  • Water
  • Paper and pencil
  1. Start by understand the best way to play road trip beer pong. The people in the front seat should not be playing because the driver shouldn’t be drinking and it will throw off the game. Since this is the case, for the game to be fair the only two people who should be playing road trip beer pong are the two people at the window seats of the back seats.
  2. Fill up two cups that you brought with you with beer or your preferred alcoholic drink for road trip beer pong. Have both players put the cups in the cup holders of each side of the vehicle where the other player can throw the ping pong ball into the cup. After you have completed this step, don’t play road trip beer pong just yet!
  3. Fill up two cups for either player with water for cleaning the road trip beer pong balls after they have been shot into the other player’s cups. You don’t want to be drinking out of cups that have had nasty beer pong balls in them.
  4. Let the games begin! In road trip beer pong, each player gets one shot, when someone makes a shot; the person who got scored on has to drink the beer in the cup. If you are playing to win, then you will want to record each point for each person in road trip beer pong. After you are done playing, use the napkins to clean up the persons car if they care about beer being in it, and find all the ping pong balls that you inevitably lost while playing road trip beer pong.
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