Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek's net worth is the result of his innovative ability to transform a passion into a multimillion dollar Kingdom. You might think, what would it be like to pursue a passion and then to achieve a net worth of $45,000,000 from it? As a Pro Skater, Dyrdek starred on a MTV's "Rob and Big." This is where his net worth, beyond the half pipe, began to accumulate. Dyrdek has since stared in MTV reality show entitled "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory."  He has also created the soon to be released" Ridiculousness," for MTV. 

Dyrdek demonstrates his wide versatility in entrepreneurship via his endorsement with Monster energy drink. Not to be satisfied as a spokesperson, he created various skateboarding clothes lines, such as shoe and toys. Rob Dyrdek's interest in business and marketing began early, as he was able to create an all star lineup of corporate conglomerates to sponsor him as a professional skateboarder. Another project contributing to his vast net worth was to open up the first ever private indoor skateboarding training facility in San Diego.  He also played a primary role in "Righteous Kill,"  a film in 2008 with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

As the highest paid employee at MTV, Dyrdek is the face of an explosive and growing skateboarding industry. Just as Michael Jordan redefined the sporting good industry with his lines of Air Jordan shoes and clothes, Dyrdek has been equally transformative in skateboarding. This successful athletes' passion began as a bored student in school. While dreaming of that 3:30 bell, he was free to land moves and stick landings that would earn him accolades later in life as one who has fused passion with profit. Rob Dyrdek's net worth of $45 million is a testament to what one can accomplish if they love what they do as a career, and have a desire to strive beyond normal expectations.

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