Robert Redford: Style

If you are drawn to casual cowboy chic fashion, then learning how to dress like Robert Redford will be second nature. Redford had an interesting style. It doesn't quite fit the mold of cowboy, and it certainly doesn't fit the mold of preppy and yet, the clothing he chose could go either way on a lesser man. Dressing like Robert Redford requires an extra dose of confidence. He is a huge supporter of young, independent filmmakers and can also easily pull off that artsy flair. Try your best to keep up with this multi-faceted man. 

  1. Slip on a pair of blue jeans.  Straight legged or boot cut blue jeans are a staple in Robert Redford's closet. Purchase a rugged utilitarianism pair of jeans as the base for this look.
  2. Purchase a leather bomber jacket. A high-quality leather coat is the best way to emulate Redford's iconic style. Look for a vintage bomber jacket to get the full effect of this handsome classic. 
  3. Button up a blue oxford shirt. This very conservative look seems to be at odds with the cowboy persona, but Robert Redford is more than just a ruggedly handsome man.
  4. Switch up the look with a tweed blazer and dark rimmed glasses. Again, this ability to transform mundane clothing into a stylish outfit calls upon his smart and brazenly confident attitude.
  5. Top off a pinstriped suit with a plaid cap. This uniquely Redford look is not for the fashion shy. Consider pairing the two for a blast from the past or a Halloween get up.
  6. Take a cue from Redford's latest choice, and wear a Grant's Ike jacket. The original Ike was designed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It is a classic jacket that was worn by troopers in Europe. Grant's design is a favorite of Robert Redford and he has been spotted wearing it at many Sundance festivals.
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