Rock Climbing City: 5 Best

Knowing about the rock climbing city: 5 best destinations is a must if you’re the type of guy that enjoys the sport of rock climbing. From the challenging rock climbing routes in Boulder to the equally challenging climbing routes in Mariposa or Yosemite Valley, there are many great cities to explore if you enjoy rock climbing.

  1. Boulder, Colorado. The city of Boulder is one of the rock climbing cities. This city boasts some of the best rock climbing sites, including Eldorado Springs, Boulder Canyon, Flagstaff Mountain and the Flatirons. According to the official City of Boulder Colorado website, there are hundreds of bolted and traditional climbing routes to climb and enjoy while in Boulder, Colorado.
  2. Moab, Utah. If you’re looking for a challenging rock climb, look no further than the beautiful city of Moab. This particular city boasts many rock climbing sites, yet the best rock climbing route to tackle is the challenging Stolen Chimney. With its unusual shape, the Stolen Chimney rock climbing route is located on one of the Fisher Towers.
  3. Crestone Needle, Colorado. The challenging rock climbing routes in the beautiful city of Crestone Needle is certainly one of the five best destinations. There are many rock climbing routes to tackle while in Crestone Needle, yet the most popular is the challenging Ellingwood Arete route. The Ellingwood Arete route is a technical rock climb in an alpine environment, therefore Alan Ellis recommends every individual wear a helmet, extra rain gear as well as bring extra food and water.
  4. Idyllwild, California. There are many excellent rock climbing cities to choose between, yet the lovely city of Idyllwild is certainly one of the best for rock climbing. This city offers many rock climbing sites including the popular Tahquitz Rock and Suicide Rock. If you ever find yourself in the sunny state of California, be sure to stop in Idyllwild for a little rock climbing fun.   
  5. Mariposa, California. The scenic rock climbing routes in Mariposa or Yosemite Valley is another one of the best rock climbing cities. Yosemite Valley offers many exciting rock climbing opportunities, yet the best rock climbing hotspot would most definitely have to be the Manure Pile Buttress with the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is a more simpler climb, yet it can still be quite the challenge, especially for the beginner rock climbing enthusiast.



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