Rolling Rock Beer: Quick History

If you enjoy alcoholic beverages, here is Rolling Rock beer's quick history. Rolling Rock beer came to be in a small town called Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In the late 1930s, The Tito Brothers started a small brewing company and decided to sale their special pale lager. Wanting to make it different and stand out, the Tito Brother’s bottled the lager in a green bottle with a painted label. The response was instant success. The American people of the northeast loved the new beer.

Since the birth of Rolling Rock beer, the company has expanded from a regional beer to national. Even with Rolling Rock changing ownership many times over the years, the integrity of the beer has stayed the same as has the company motto, “Born Small Town.” Rolling Rock was brewed in a small town and no matter how famous the beer gets, its roots will always be small town. In 2010, Rolling Rock celebrated their 70thAnniversary.  

Beer lovers often wonder about the mysterious “33” on each Rolling Rock bottle. Many hours have been spent tossing around ideas of what the number could be. Some believe the “33” stands for the highest rank in the Freemasons, while others believe it’s how many steps it took the Tito Brothers to get from their office to the floor in the original brewery. Two other theories out there suggest it was a typo from the original logo or it honors the year that America repealed Prohibition. Whatever the true many is, no one knows, and Rolling Rock is holding tight to the secret.


 Rolling Rock History

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