Rolling Stone Magazine Covers

"Rolling Stone" magazine covers have featured the most famous icons of all time since its founding in 1967. The most famous "Rolling Stone" magazine covers have featured the casts of movies and television shows, political figures and music legends. 

  1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono Published in January 1951, this "Rolling Stone" cover featured a photo taken by Annie Leibovitz. A naked John Lennon hugs his wife, Yoko Ono. Lennon was murdered just hours after this photo was taken.
  2. The cast of "Seinfeld" Although the cast of "Seinfeld" appeared on the cover of "Rolling Stone" more than once, this was the 30th anniversary issue. Published in May 1998, the "Rolling Stone" cover features the characters from the "Wizard of Oz"—Seinfeld is the Tin Man and Julie Louis-Drefus is, of course, Dorothy. The Cowardly Lion is Jason Alexander, appropriately, and Michael Richards is the scarecrow.
  3. 1000th Issue Issued on May  2006, this "Rolling Stone" cover was a collage of the most famous and infamous celebrities of the previous 40 years. It celebrated cultural icons that marked the history of "Rolling Stone" magazine.
  4. The Beatles This July 1976 "Rolling Stone" issue showcased The Beatles even though the group had broken up. The members of the Beatles have been shown on the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine over 30 times. This is probably their best known cover.
  5. The Dixie Chicks The May 2003 issue featured the country group of three. The Chicks were unclothed and their controversial political comments were painted on their bodies. The Dixie Chicks chose to give an exclusive interview and provocative picture to "Rolling Stone."
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