Romantic Ideas For Her

When you want to make that special someone feel like she is the only person in the world, you will want to follow some of these romantic ideas for her. Many women just do not believe that men can be romantic. If this is how your woman feels, prove her wrong. Knock her socks off with these romantic ideas.

  1. Have A Picnic In A Quiet Area. Having a picnic in the mountains or a state park can be very romantic. Do not just throw a bunch of stuff in a cooler. Instead, get a nice picnic basket and put some of her favorite chesses and crackers in it. Do not forget to include a bottle of good wine or sparkling juice.
  2. Have Her Vehicle Detailed. Even if you do not want to pay to have her vehicle professional cleaned, you can deep clean it yourself. The key to making this extra special is to make sure you do an excellent job. This means breaking out the old toothbrush and cleaning every nook and cranny in the vehicle.
  3. Make Her A Gift Basket. This is an easy and romantic idea for her. Buy a medium sized basket and fill it with items that she enjoys. For example, if she is an avid reader, you can put a few books in the basket. Adding items such as chocolates and candles adds more romance to the basket.
  4. Put In Writing How You Feel About Her. Even if you are always telling her how much you love her, seeing it in your handwriting would mean so much to her. You can write either a short letter or poem to her explaining to her how much you love and respect her. To make this idea even more romantic, buy a nice frame and frame the letter that you write to her.
  5. Take Her On Vacation. Since many women feel overwhelmed and stressed, she would love this romantic idea. If you are limited on how much money you can spend, you can make reservations at a small cabin for a weekend getaway. Just knowing, that you care enough to get her away from the hassles of everyday life, will please her.
  6. Cook Her A Meal. You do not have to be a professional chef to cook her a romantic meal. Look online for simple and easy meals that you can make for the special woman in your life. Do not forget to put a nice tablecloth and candles on the table.
  7. A Photo Show Of Your Life Together. This romantic idea for her is sure to bring tears to her eyes. For this idea, you will gather all of your favorite pictures of the two of you and have a professional put a slide show on a DVD for you. You can also do this yourself with a computer slide show program.
  8. Take Her On A Carriage Ride. She will be sure to feel like a princess riding around in a horse drawn carriage.Look around for local area that would be nice for the carriage ride. A beautiful park would be the perfect place for the ride.
  9. Give Her Wildflowers. Anyone can buy a woman a dozen roses. Picking her wildflowers will show that you actually took the time to do something unique for her. Pick a variety of different wildflowers and tie them together with a big beautiful bow.
  10. Rub Her Feet. Giving her a long and slow foot massage will make her feel loved and pampered. Be sure to has some cream and scented lotion on hand to use during the massage. It is important not to rush the massage and make sure it last at least twenty minutes.
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