Ron Jeremy Bio

The Ron Jeremy bio is relatively interesting, considering it is about one of the oddest-looking but most well-known male porn stars to work in the pornography industry. Ron Jeremy is also known as "the hedgehog" for his hairy, bristly body and is almost comical in appearance, despite the fact that he has a lot of sex with beautiful women for a living. Below are a number of facts from the Ron Jeremy bio that explains who the man is and why he has had some much success in the sex industry over the last three decades.

Ron Jeremy's bio begins with his birth in Ronald Hyatt in Queens in 1953, a nurse was supposedly overheard making a comment about the newborn's very large penis. The story was a testament to what he would become in the future. As he grew up, Ron Jeremy was surrounded by a lot of intelligence and talent in his family. This meant that he had it in his genes (no pun intended) to become successful.

His father, Arnold Hyatt, is a notable physicist and is very respected and successful in the scientific field. Obviously his son didn't follow in his footsteps. However, Ron was popular in high school and also very popular with the ladies, losing his virginity at the the age of 16. This was more due to his personality, sense of humor and eccentricities, though his penis size probably helped.

 Finally off on his own, Ron Jeremy began doing porn to support his acting career.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), he realized his real calling was in the pornography business and Ron pursued this career becoming an incredibly successful porn star and businessman, much more successful then he would have been as a struggling actor. Beyond his large penis size and memorable looks, the real secret to Ron Jeremy's success is in his business savvy.

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