Ronaldinho: 5 Best Goals Ever

Here are soccer legend Ronaldinho's 5 best goals ever. Ronaldinho may not be a goal-scorer but with his genius, he can take advantage of any situation in the game and shoot great goals. When it comes to football, Ronaldinho is an artist capable of exceptional performances. On the field, he knows that team work is essential. That is why when Ronaldinho scores a goal you get that feeling of perfection.

  1. In 1999, young Ronaldinho was on the crest of a wave with the national squad. If you remember Brazil’s Copa America victory you should also know about Ronaldinho’s six goals that ensured the triumph of the Brazilians. If you want to see something really spectacular, just watch the game against Venezuela when Ronaldinho scored an incredible, memorable goal.
  2. In 2002, Ronaldinho appeared for the first time in the World Cup. He then scored two goals. The first breathtaking moment was the match with China where Ronaldinho scored one of the four goals. Needless to say, the game ended with a clear victory from Brazil and a score of 4-0.
  3. In the game against England, he amazed the stadium when he scored a goal that would kick the brits out of the competition. David Seaman, the English goalkeeper, didn’t stand a chance of avoiding the tragedy that gave Brazil a 2-1 lead over England.
  4. But never was there a more astounding silence than when Ronaldinho scored a stunning goal in the Champion League football against Chelsea. Gaúcho, who was playing for Barcelona, had an incredible shot just before half time, scoring for the Spanish team. Petr Cech, Chelsea’s goalkeeper, was simply awestruck.
  5. Also for Barcelona, he scored two unbelievable goals in the El Derbi competition. The Catalans won with 3-0 in that game. What a great performance from a great player! Make sure to watch Ronaldinho’s five best goals ever and feel the football!
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