Rossignol Backcountry Skis: 5 Best

For both amateur and professionals, Rossignol back-country skis are the best in the industry. Rossignol became a premier ski manufacturer during the 1936 Olympics and professional skiers have trusted the name ever since. Back-country skis must be made differently than other skis to perform effectively. Rossignol does not disappoint in their durability and quality.

  1. The System Although these Rossignol back-country skis are on the expensive side, they are definitely worth it. The System provides skiers with sizes 166, 176 and 188 as well as a radius of 17.5 meters. The sandwich structure has a wood core along with internal VAS absorption.
  2. Ravyn Rossignol manufacturers the Ravyn, another excellent choice for back-country skis. Skiers can choose from sizes 174 or 186 and will appreciate the wooden core of this back-country ski. The Ravyn has a sidecut of 140/110/133.
  3. Sickbird An interesting name for a well-crafted back-country ski, the Sickbird offers Rossignol back-country ski enthusiasts three sizes to choose from. Back-country skiers will enjoy the sidecut of 128/98/21 and the internal VAS absorption system of these Rossignol backcountry skis.
  4. Kali Equipped with an extreme psychedelic design, these back-country skis from Rossignol are priced moderately and are best suited for younger back-country skiers. Kali only comes in sizes 171 and 178 but has a sidecut of 126/96/119 and has a weight reducing system.
  5. Yama Rossignol's Yama back-country skis are made in three sizes and have a sidecut of 162/170/176. Yama is made for 100 percent pist and has a radius of 16.4 meters. It is also equipped with a VAS 80 absorption.
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