Roulette: 10 Tips

You asked for casino wheel advice and we answered your call with these 10 Tips for roulette. Unlike blackjack, roulette is a game of chance not a game of skill so we can’t show you how to break the house. We can give you advice on staying at the party longer though. Use these roulette tips to make your bankroll last.

  1. Play a single zero roulette wheel. This is the best roulette tip anyone can give you. They can be hard to find but when given the choice always opt for a single zero wheel over a roulette game with a double zero. The single zero lessens the casino’s edge and will save you money in the long run.
  2. Don’t make “straight up” wagers. Betting on a single number is a serious money drain. The pay off is great if your number hits (34-to-1) but the odds of winning are low. Your casino bankroll will melt away as you wait to hit this roulette equivalent of the jackpot.
  3. Spread your money around. Making a variety of bets will help lengthen your stay at the roulette table. Bet on red or black, odd or even,  and select a few groupings. If you follow this roulette tip you’ll lose some bets and maybe win another so no spin is a complete loss.
  4. Watch table limits. Limits can vary drastically from roulette table to roulette table. Your money will last longer if you play game that allows you to bet less per spin.  
  5. Ask questions. If you don’t know how to play the roulette dealer will be happy to assist you. Roulette can be a very expensive game if you choose to learn as you go.
  6. Don’t pay for any roulette system. Most systems are available online for free and furthermore they don’t work. Roulette is one of the purest games of chance. Each spin is an independent trial meaning there is no way to predict what will happen by what happened in the past.  
  7. Ignore the casino roulette flag. The flag displays the results of the previous spins and gives naïve gamblers a sense of predictability. However as stated in the last tip roulette spins are independent trials. Just because black has come up for the past five, ten or fifteen spins does not mean that red is due.  
  8. Tip the roulette dealer carefully. There’s nothing worse than leaving the table with less than the dealer but you don’t want to be stingy either. Give the dealer a tip when you first arrive at the table then make bets for him or her throughout the night. This way he or shoe takes home additional cash if you’re winning.
  9. Don’t drink too much. Casinos often offer complimentary drinks. After a while these freebies can impair your judgment. A drunken roulette player makes brash decisions and might as well kiss his money goodbye.  
  10. Organize your money. Roulette games often use special chips that are unlike the tokens used at the rest of the casino. The value of these chips is not marked on the chip itself because they are assigned a value when you cash in. Make sure you always understand how much you are wagering.
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