Roulette Drinking Game Rules

If you're interested in learning a fun drinking game, try learning how to play the roulette drinking game by learning the rules of it. Sometimes this game is also called the Russian roulette drinking game. It is a fun game that can be played at a bar, club, a party, or your home. It requires two or more players. The object of this game is simply to get drunk and can be played with any type of alcohol. To play this game, every player must be over 21-years-old.

To play the roulette drinking game, you will need:

  • alcohol
  • die
  • six sticky notes
  • sharpie marker
  • five shot glasses
  • one double shot glass 
  1. Set six shot glasses out. There are five regular shot glasses and one double shot glass. Set them in a row on a table or bar, making sure they are on a sturdy surface
  2. Fill out sticky notes. On each of the six sticky notes, write out the numbers one through six and place one sticky note in front of each of the six shot glasses.
  3. Fill the shot glasses with liqueur. Fill four of the shot glasses with hard liqueur and fill the double shot glass with a double shot. Leave the remaining shot glass empty.
  4. Decide who goes first. Choose an order for the players to take their turns.
  5. Roll the die. The players take turns, starting with player one, and the player rolls the die. Whatever number the die lands on is the drink that player must drink. If the number rolled is the empty shot glass, that player does not have to drink that turn. The number rolled determines whether the player drinks a single shot, a double shot, or an empty shot.
  6. Refill shot glasses. After each player's turn ends, fill the glass they drank.
  7. Game end. The game does not end until all players except one have dropped out of the game and cannot drink anymore.
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