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Looking for a few good RPG Flash game is a difficult process, but finding an RPG Flash game itself is not. A number of game portals will help you find new Flash games to play, but you should not expect the level of complexity you would find in "Dragon Age" or "Fallout."

  1. "Murloc RPG” Murk is a young Murloc warrior with dreams of glory. A chance event helps him get there. Gameplay is standard turn-based fare.
  2. “Runescape” You can play this brower-based game from almost anywhere. Players gain experience with the skills they have rather than gaining experience to level up.
  3. “Hack Slash Crawl” This free Flash RPG features all of the things that long-time roleplayers love: violence, little to no plot and lots of loot. The game starts when a mysterious traveller tells you about a vast treasure in a nearby dungeon. "Hack Slash Crawl" is an action-adventure RPG. You will need some eye-hand coordination.
  4. “Zelda and the Lampshade of No Real Significance” If you want to go after an item that does nothing for you while playing Link, this game is for you. You can also stop along at a McDonald's, record stores and other places that are strangely out-of-place in Hyrule. The supporting Zelda characters send Link on a quest to find a lampshade, but they never tell you why they need it. If you have played any of the original Nintendo Entertainment System Zelda games, you can easily handle the controls in this Flash-based RPG.
  5. “Treasure of Cutlass Reef” No list of RPG flash games would be complete if it did not include a game about pirates. This swashbuckling adventure requires you to search for a treasue on Cutless Reef. The game's plot could come from any pirate movie. "Treasue fo Cutlass Reef" also involves turned-based combat, although it has shift combat as part of the game.
  6. “Wizard's Run” Wizards in this RPG Flash game are killed when they reach the age of 30. No, wait, that's the residents of the City of Domes from "Logan's Run." "Wizard's Run" has nothing to do with the Logan's Run movies and is basically a shooter with some roleplaying game elements. There isn't really much of a plot to the game to speak of. "Wizard's Run" can be described as the "Space Invaders" of flash RPGs.
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