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This list of flash RPG games list shows how the diverse world of gaming has taken the internet by storm and created fun time fillers for fantasy fans. Gamers love the essence of role p[laying games (RPGs) as they traverse wonderous landscapes and fight hordes of mythical beasts for treasure and glory. The best part about these flash games is that other gamers can form online communities and band together in groups during game play. Another exciting aspect brings to life races from the entire library of fantasy for gamers to choose from such as elves, ogres and dwarves. The list of flash RPG games are endless with numerous possibilities to venture out by oneself or with online friends to escape into a world of adventure.

  1. "The Legend of Zelda: The Seeds of Darkness." Nintendo's beloved franchise can also be admired in a flash-based game for fans of the series. Gamers can go at it in adventures as Link and save the land of Hyrule from the creatures who threaten its peace. There is no better thrill than taking on this new spin on the classic RPG.
  2. "Arcuz: Behind the Dark." This old school action RPG game from the glory days of the sixteen-bit era. The flash game includes very detailed artwork from the environments down to the very armor the main character wears throughout the adventure. A warrior from the village of Arcuz must travel and stop the evil forces of Ssyba.    
  3. "Dragon Age: Journeys." This  famed RPG gets the flash treatment as gamers can go at it in this spin off of fantasy action. Gamers can take their own avatar through the similar paces of the official game's adventures to ultimate glory. The graphics may be a slight bit lower than the original, but fans can enjoy the action and carnage of battling beasts and gaining experience and powerful weapons. 
  4. "King's Island II." A sequel to the original hack-and-slash flash RPG brings back the hero for more action and adventure. Kaptivo must find a way to get back home after killing the vile White Paladin so he enters a mysterious portal. Now, the hero battles between reality and dreams in order to vanquish his foes again and return home.



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