Rude To A Coworker : How To Apologize

Whether you simply had a bad day or someone you work with made a comment you didn’t agree with that caused you to last out, its important to know how to apologize when you’ve been rude to a coworker. Even if you feel that your response wasn’t offensive or was perfectly justified, the fact remains that you work with the individual on a daily basis and any tension that may exist after being rude to a co-worker will inevitably make your work environment less pleasant.  If you apologize after being rude to a coworker can also help you win back any respect you lost following the incident. 

  1. Plan your apology ahead of time.  The last thing you want is to stammer out an apology that doesn’t sound like a true apology and only succeeds in offending your coworker further. By planning out exactly what you need to say ahead of time, you can give a graceful and eloquent apology after being rude to a co-worker.
  2. Ask to speak to your co-worker in private. After being rude to a coworker, its best to stay private when you apologize. Not only is a private apology more personal, but, if your apology isn’t accepted, you can spare yourself the embarrassment of being brushed off in front of a crowd. 
  3. Apologize with sincerity. If you aren’t sincere, your co-worker will know it and feel even worse. When you’ve been rude to a coworker, your goal when you apologize is to reduce the tension that exists between the two of you. An insincere apology will have the opposite effect of making the daily tension at work even worse.
  4. Make a peace offering. You may offer to take your co-worker out to lunch or help her complete a difficult project. Regardless of what your offer is, making a peace offering after being rude to a co-worker allows you to spend more time with your coworker rebuilding even the most tenuous of work relationships. In addition, by making a peace offering after you apologize, you may get to know your coworker well enough to foster a new friendship. 
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