Ruger Pistols

Ruger pistols have a long history as rugged, solid as a brick, reliable American made pistols, but with new innovations. If you haven't already, it's time you learned about Ruger pistols. Over the years, Ruger has expanded their reach by using the latest design and advanced machining and technologies to keep their market and grow. They make everything from compact pocket pistols, exciting new concealed-carry options and service pistols for police and security, as well as a revered line of .22 pistols for target shooting, plinking and small game.

  1. P Series For years Ruger has been known for making a line of rugged, high-quality, reliable American made pistols. The P series was lauded by cadets entering police academy and the American gun market in general. These service-sized pistols are available in two polymer-framed formats, the P95 line in 9mm and P345 in .45 auto.
  2. SR Pistols Ruger has continued the development of their pistols with the SR9 and SR40, a 9mm and .40 S&W respectively. These polymer-framed pistols are striker fired, have a trigger safety, thumb safety, internal drop safety, and a reversable back strap for comfort and ease of use to meet the needs of shooters with large and small hands. Both calibers come with a stainless slide or blued slide.
  3. LC9 This compact 9mm pistol is an exciting addition to the Ruger pistol family. In the past, Ruger has stayed away from the concealed carry market, but with the addition of the SR9, SR40 and the LC9, which has a 3.5 inch barrel and compact frame, Ruger has clearly entered the concealed-carry market.
  4. LCP In addition to the LC9, Ruger produces a small .380 auto pocket pistol. This pistol also has a polymer frame and is offered with a Crimson Trace laser or without.
  5. .22 Charger If you love long-distance rimfire pistol shooting and small game hunting, this is the gun for you. Built on the 10-22 rifle action, this target pistol comes with a bipod and built-in rail for optics.
  6. Mark III This long-lauded .22 pistol is one of the best pistols for those learning to shoot. Built solid to last, you can get this in a range of formats from basic to target, hunter, and competition models.
  7. 22/45 This pistol replicates the grip angle of a .45 pistol. Great for inexpensive training, this pistol comes with a bull barrel, hunter, slab-sided, and even a threaded barrel for use with a silencer.
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