Rules Of Airball Paintball

When it comes to the rules of airball paintball, there are some basic ones that should be covered before hitting any field. These are some simple things team mates and rivals should go over.

  1. Get those boundaries established. Knowing the parameters of a field is a basic rule of airball paintball and should be acknowledged by all players at the beginning of the game. This rule of airball paintball will help define where the game is taking place and keep players actively involved. Generally speaking, the more players there are the larger the field should be.
  2. Mark and establish the 'dead zone.' One rule of airball paintball is that when a player is shot, they are dead. They need a spot to go to where they won't be shot even after being dead. This is the dead zone, and all players should acknowledge this spot and respect this rule of airball paintball by not firing into the dead. The ideal location for this is off the field so players are safe to remove and clean masks and generally relax. It's also a great place to store extra paintball gear.
  3. Put the game objective out there for all. During the process of stating the rules of airball paintball it's important to discuss some of the finer points including what this individual game objective is. Is it a simple elimination game? Perhaps it's a game that involves capturing the flag or centering the flag. Whatever the fine points are, it's great to get them out in the open before the game begins so everyone is involved with the rules of airball paintball.
  4. Get the time established. Players generally don't enjoy games that take forever and don't see a lot of action. Deciding whether the time will start from the beginning of the game or from the moment the first player is eliminated will be one of the first rules of airball paintball that needs to be dealt with. Remember the shorter the game the higher the action will be because players will want to make the most of the time they have. This also leaves chance for more than one game to be enjoyed in an afternoon.
  5. Understanding what counts as a hit. It's important to understand from the outset of the game which rules of airball paintball are being applied. Most professional fields and tourneys count any hit on a person as an out.  ome teams like the rule that multiple hits on arms or legs need to be taken before a player enters the dead zone. These are important to get established before the game has started to hinder any disagreements from the outset. Also discuss splatter.  This is when a paintball hits something other than the player and the ball breaks, splattering paint on the player, but it's not usually counted as a hit.

The biggest thing to remember when entering into a game is to get the fundamental rules of airball paintball out in the open and discussed before playing; it will ensure all the players have a better afternoon of fun.

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