Rules For Mahjong Titans

Learn the rules for playing "Mahjong Titans" so you can compete with the best. The game is rather easy, but if you do not know the rules, it could become frustrating. It is nothing more than a matching game, but be careful by the order in which you break down the tiles. There are five main rules in "Mahjong Titans."

What you'll need:

  • Computer with "Mahjong Titans"
  1. Only selected identical tiles can score points. If the tiles are different in any way, they cannot be selected for points or taken out of the game. There is an exception to the rule though. Flowers are the only ones that do not have to be identical. Any flower could be selected with another flower to be taken out of the game. All other tiles have to be identical.
  2. Only select two matches at a time. Even if you find more than two identical tiles that can be selected, only two can be selected at any given time. It is an illegal move to take more than two matches from the game. Be sure to decide wisely which tiles to remove if there is more than one selection for an identical tile.
  3. Only tiles on the edges of each tier can be selected. It is an important rule in "Mahjong Titans" to not select tiles that are locked in by other tiles. Only the outer edges of each tier can be selected for play.
  4. You automatically lose the game if no matches are available. If no tiles are left in the game, you win. If there are still tiles in the game and you run out of moves, you lose. That is why it is important to break the Mahjong wall down wisely. Playing carelessly will seldom win you a game.
  5. Points are lower at the beginning of the game. As you process through the game, you will earn more points for each tile. Try to stay in the game as long as possible to get high scores. However, flower and plant tiles are always worth one point.
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