Rules Of Professional Wrestling

The rules of professional wrestling are not complex; however, some professional wrestling fans may not know some of the rules. You may watch a wrestling match on television and asks yourself, "Huh? Why is the referee doing this?" or "That wrestler just hit that guy with a spiked dildo!" Knowing some of the rules of professional wrestling will eliminate some of your confusion.  

  1. Pinfall or submission. A professional wrestler can only win by a pinfall or a submission hold. A referee hits the mat three times with his hand and a "3-count" is an indicator that the match is over. In a submission move such as the "Sleeper Hold," the referee must raise your hand three times in the air. When the wrestler cannot raise his hand on the third try, he loses the match. Additionally, a submission loss is when the pro wrestler "taps out," meaning he hits his hand on the ground two or three times giving up to the submission hold. A pinfall or submission is one of the most recognizable rules of professional wrestling. 
  2. Disqualification or countout. Another rule of professional wrestling is a win via a disqualification, also known as DQ or a countout. A pro wrestler is disqualified by hitting his opponent with a foreign object (steel chair), outside interference (a manager), another wrestler hits the opposing opponent or the pro wrestler hits the referee. A countout is when the referee counts to ten and if the wrestler does not enter the ring by the ten-count, the wrestler is disqualified and his opponent automatically wins the match. A double countout is when both wrestlers do not enter the ring before the referee's ten-count. Double disqualifications happen in professional wrestling (e.g. WrestleMania IV when Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant hit each other with steel chairs).
  3. Rope break. A rope break is a rule of professional wrestling that means a wrestler is in a submission hold and he makes his way to the ropes. The wrestler performing the submission hold must let go of the hold by the count of five before he gets a disqualification. In addition, a rope break is when an opponent puts his arm or leg on a ring rope when he is pinned, the wrestler on top must release the pin or the wrestler tries to pin his opponent near the rope and the referee tells him to break the pin.
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