Rules Of Strip Poker

There are very few party games the evoke the warm and fuzzy feelings of strip poker, but many people don't actually know there is a basic set of rules of strip poker to follow. One cannot simply play cards and take their clothes off—where is the challenge in that? Strip poker is a game of cunning and strategy… and also wanton nudity. To play strip poker, you will need:

  • Human beings
  • A deck of cards
  • And clothing to remove
  1. Rule 1: Consenting adults. The most obvious rule is that everybody involved should be consenting to the epic battle that is strip poker. The rules of strip poker are unflinching, and they specifically state that nobody should be taken advantage of, regardless of how much they possibly might have had to drink before deciding a game of poker that ends in nudity would be necessary.
  2. Rule 2: Know how to play poker. Almost as important as the whole willing adult thing, is knowing how to play poker. Strip poker can be played with any of poker's non-strip variants rules. Whether you play five card draw, stud, or Texas hold 'em, you can apply the intricate rules of strip poker to the game you would normally be playing for money.
  3. Rule 3: Clothes are money. In the rules of strip poker, instead of your money, everybody literally wants the clothes off your back. What this means is that, instead of betting chips, cash, or pretzel rods, you will be anteing up with whatever fabric you might be wearing. Clothes being money is far more interesting than time being money anyway. When it comes your time to bet, you have to tell which pieces of clothing you would take off if you left. This can be anything from socks to underwear depending on how many layers you wore. Remember, only bluff if you are willing to be in the buff.
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