Runes Of Magic Addons

"Runes Of Magic" addons can alter a vast majority of the UI appearance, add timers, or do nearly thing thought of. Many of these not only add desired features, but increase efficency in each players roles. A healer using healbot is able to perform their job much easier than without it. Below you will find a small list of"Runes Of Magic" addons that are frequently used.

5 best "Runes Of Magic" Addons:

  1. PBinfo– Shows additional tooltip information on players, non player characters (NPC), and monsters. PBinfo also includes a built in threat meter, quest tracker, and many other useful tools. Generally, "Runes Of Magic" raiders will use this addon to see a bosses total health.
  2. Advanced Auction House– As one of the best "Runes Of Magic" addons, it is found to be used by nearly every player. Advanced Auction House adds many features to the auction house window. Mainly used for the fltering process. The ability to filter mana gems by color, type, stats, and more saves a lot of time for the users of this addon.
  3. Healbot– As stated above, it adds bars to use for healing. This makes healing much easier than using the default UI. Many consider this a must have for any healer class due to the shear diverse functionality.  It's something you can get at the magic store.
  4. Advanced Questbook– Great for tracking your quests, how far along you are, and where you need to go next in the quest chain.
  5. Stat Rating– Provides more in depth stat information when necessary on gear. For the elitist "Runes Of Magic" players, this is a must have addon.

These only represent some of the "Runes Of Magic" addons available for download. If there is something you would like to change or alter in your UI, tool tips, or even graphic overlays, odds are there is an addon that can help.

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