Runes Of Magic Elite Skills

Runes of Magic elite skills are given to you based on your class selections. Runes of Magic itself is an online RPG brought to you by Runewaker Entertainment. It's massively multiplayer, and it's free. Although, there are opportunities for you to spend real world money that you earned in real time work. You have both a primary and secondary skill/class choice. So, really, you're going to have to get two skills to equal one elite skill. There are technically eight classes, but with the possibility of mixing and matching your two classes you can extract far more combinations.You will also have to be at least level 15 to get elite skills, and speak with the level trainer who's going to require some materials from you. Materials for Runes of Magic Elite skills vary depending on your class choices.

  1. Level 15 Runes of Magic Elite skills are acquired by talking to the trainer Listi Pursdon. You'll need three Zinc nuggets, three Mountain Demon Grass saps and three Ash lumbers. You'll have to cough up 8,000 pieces of gold, though.
  2. Level 20 will have you talking to Listi Pursdon again. If you want to get these Runes of Magic Elite skills, bring three Tin nuggets, three Beetroot saps and three Willow lumbers. Throw in the 15,000 pieces of gold for a processing fee.
  3. Level 25 is when working on these Runes of Magic Elite skills start to vary depending on your classes. You'll need crystals, and plenty of them, but what kind of crystals? First off, talk to Fay Akjad who's the level trainer. Then you will either need fifteen Illusion, Tough, or Life crystals. You can get these in the Forsaken Abbey, or Logar's Windmill. If the class is Knight, Priest, or Druid, get the Life Crystals. Warriors, obviously, need the Tough Crystals. So do the Mage. Add 20,000 gold pieces to the pot.
  4. Level 30 Runes of Magic Elite skills require you to speak to Menqid Beman. Make sure you gather up three Oak lumbers, three Copper nuggets and three Moxa saps. You're going to also need 28,000 gold pieces.
  5. Level 35 Runes of Magic Elite skills is dominated by the acquisition of Essences. Go by the the Necropolis of Mirrors and get fifteen Ancient Spirit, Study, or Mirror Essences. Priest; Knight; Druid; and Warden classes will seek out the Ancient Spirit Essence. For the Mage and Warrior you want to grab the Mirror Essence. Scout and Rogue classes require the Study Essence. Don't forget the 35,000 in gold, either.
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