Runescape Clue Scroll Help

You might need "RuneScape" clue scroll help if you’ve managed to obtain a difficult clue scroll and can’t figure it out. A "RuneScape" clue scroll is an item that you can obtain from killing mobs or completing objectives in the game of "RuneScape."

To solve your "Runescape" clue scroll, you will need:

  • A "RuneScape" account
  • A clue scroll
  1. Remember that you can only have one clue scroll in use at one time in "RuneScape." Because most clue scrolls end with a valuable reward, you cannot attempt to complete multiple clue scrolls at once. You can only work on one treasure trail at once, and you will not be able to obtain another clue scroll until you abandon or finish your current task.
  2. You can often obtain level two clues by killing guards. If you find that you’re having trouble obtaining a level two clue, go ahead and grind some guards, because it’s very likely your level two clue will drop from them. In some cases, monsters will also drop clues, but your best bet is to just go spend time grinding guards.
  3. You may need a particular item to get to your next clue. These items can include a spade, rope, teleportation runes/tablets, sextant, watch, chart, energy potions, money, food, and more. When running your treasure trails, be sure you’re stocked up on these essentials.
  4. Check what type of clues you’re working with. Many people don’t know how to solve their clue scroll in "RuneScape" because they don’t know exactly what they’re doing or what they’re supposed to solve. For some clue scrolls, you may have to solve an anagram, a celtic knot puzzle, or a challenge (logical problems).
  5. Make sure your Combat level is high before working on a level three or four clue scroll. These clue scrolls will almost always require that you pass through a dangerous area which requires that you fight mobs or other enemies. Carry enough food and potions with you to keep yourself healthy and alive during these instances so that you can move onto the clue.
  6. Check online guides for solutions to clues. In many cases, players are looking for specific solutions to their clue scrolls and these are readily available in online guides for treasure trails and clue scrolls. Search for your specific scroll, and it’s quite likely that it will already have been solved by another player. This saves a lot of time and frustration in the game.
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