Runescape Fishing Guide

A “Runescape” fishing guide will help you waste even more time in “Runescape.” Fishing is not the only skill in Jagex's mmo that takes away from your real world time. Any mmorpg skill implemented as a time sink is capable of doing this. As your character gains more angling experience, you will use different items to catch more interesting fish.

  1. Starting out as a “Runescape” fisherman. You should start your career as an angler by going to Roderick the Adviser in Lumbridge. Have him teach you the skill. After you learn fishing, you should go buy some supplies from Lumbridge Fishing Supplies. You'll want to buy a cage, a fishing rod and some bait to start.
  2. Cage fishing. In order to fish in Runescape and any other mmorpg that has a fishing interface, you need to fish in a suitable body of water. You drop the cage down into the water and collect the crayfish or shrimp you catch.. Do this a few times until you can start bait fishing.
  3. Bait fishing. You put the bait on a rod and cast it into the water. This part works like real fishing. You bait at sea a level 5, you can do bait fish in rivers at level 25.
  4. Using Nets in "Runescape." Net fishing yields larger and more varied types of fish than the previous methods. You can use the small net at low levels and go to the big net at 35. You can guess how using a net works.
  5. Harpooning.Runescape” fishing lets a person go after the great white whale, in a purely metaphorical sense, at level 35. This method uses a slightly different tactic to catch fish than the earlier methods. When you reach level 50 or higher, you can use a heavy rod until you find you can use the more complex methods.
  6. Higher “Runescape” fishing levels. At the highest levels of this skill, a player can catch fish with his bare hands or go to the open sea. Vessel fishing requires a ship and will put the fisherman into a PVP area.



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